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‘Heidi and Grayson are the ultimate professionals. Their collective vision, dedication, execution and commitment to a project is all encompassing. They are a pleasure to work with and made what could have been an overwhelming project feel manageable, fun and exciting. We could not be happier with our home and will always be grateful to them.”

- Rich and Amy Jacobson

"Grayson 'came to the rescue' when I lost my original architect just as we were to start construction on my new home. Stepping into a delicate yet demanding situation, Grayson was asked to perform the role of helping to interpret and implement the original architectural drawings, while responding to the inevitable changes and unforeseen conditions that attend any project at this level of undertaking. In so doing, he demonstrated a keen and sensitive balance between adhering to the original architectural intent of the drawings, while bringing to the process a keen eye and astute understanding of form and detail which allowed us to enhance and improve the overall design, including several specific modifications and original design elements."

Modern living room large sliding glass doors aluminum storefront house Sag Harbor
Modern box writing studio elevated desk outdoor fire pit wood screens Sag Harbor

  "My wife and I retained Modern Shelter to design for our backyard a detached writing studio that could double as an extra guest bedroom.  We wanted a unique, interesting and functional building that would not clash with the main house.  Grayson and Heidi Jordan came through in every respect and we loved working with them!


They brainstormed repeatedly and at length with us and patiently presented us with new concepts and ultimately wonderful revisions to the concept we settled on.  They were generous with their time and highly attentive to our tastes, needs and objectives.  They managed to budget effectively and always gave us a variety of options from which to choose.  Their due diligence was superb; they consulted effectively with engineers, landscape experts, suppliers and – most importantly – with local building officials to ensure that we could do what we wanted to do.  They never withheld negative news and at the same time always found workarounds to any obstacles encountered.  We have no doubt that their ability to develop strong relationships of trust with all of these parties would help the construction process to go smoothly.  


  At our request, they also conducted the contractor selection process and ultimately helped us find just the right company.  In the end, unexpected family circumstances intervened and we had to postpone actual construction.  In the meantime, we periodically pull out the stunning designs and plans they created and longingly review them.  We hope in the future to bring the project to fruition.  


  Grayson and Heidi are not only consummate professionals but personally delightful individuals.   They always go the extra mile.  They complement each other in every way and we are pleased to consider them friends.  We have been involved with numerous architects on projects large and small throughout our lives, and we can say that none has been more trustworthy, competent, professional or personally enjoyable than the Jordans."


- Paul C.

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